Start Your Own Business Selling Hand Made Soaps

Have you thought about creating your own business selling soaps? Perhaps you enjoy making soap as a hobby? Have you found that your soaps are selling well locally and in markets? Why not take your expertise to the next level and bring your inner entrepreneurship up a gear too. It can be extremely rewarding and also fun to earn money from something that you love doing. Handcrafted soaps are in a league of their own with their unique characteristics and with that you can command a premium price. Prior to embarking on selling your hand made soaps, it is vital that you spend a significant amount of time making and using the soaps that you want to sell so that you are able to honestly assess your own craftsmanship and also the quality of the soaps. By doing this, you will be able to improve and perfect your craft so that you are bringing to market the best or a very high quality product.

My personal advice would be to encourage you to concentrate on building a solid reputation as be ethical and honest and not someone who is purely out to make money. Once you have established yourself as someone with integrity and a commitment to providing a first class product and customer service to your customers then the benefits will follow. Happy and satisfied customers brings along a strong repeat business base for you to benefit from.

Before starting to sell your soaps in the UK and EU member states, no matter whether it is just a school fayres, car boot sales or on the internet, you and your hand made soap products need to comply with EU cosmetic legislations. Below is a summary of the requirements of the legislation that you must comply with. This is based on my own experience and understanding of the law. You should also cover yourself with product liability insurance too.

Hand Made Soaps Regulations

The manufacture and sale of soaps and toiletries in the UK and EU is governed by the EU Cosmetics Regulations. These regulations are applicable to anyone selling soap irrespective of the size or scale of business and you must be in compliance with the legislation when you accept money for such products. Prior to 2013 there used to be separate legislation of each EU country, however, changes in the law means that you must comply with the single EU legislation however, you can sell your soaps anywhere in the EU.

Safety Assessment of Handmade Soaps

There is now a legal requirement for you as the manufacturer to hold a safety assessment for any soap you sell within the EU. This safety assessment must be undertaken by a ‘suitably qualified professional person’ who has to sign off each soap recipe made for sale. This person must be knowledgeable and experienced and covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance which will provide protection for you should any litigation be brought against you or your company if someone experiences an adverse reaction to you handmade soaps.

Once this assessment is completed, it is valid indefinitely.

Additional information to follow regarding

  • Product information file (PIF)
  • Product labelling
  • Good manufacturing practice
  • Trading standards


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  1. Thanks for your insight on this. My hobby for years has been making soap and lots of friends suggested that I take it a step further and make my hobby another income straem. There are some extremely useful points you’ve highlighted and given me food for thought.



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